Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Turkey Vulture Time - Mount Nemo

Golly these guys are hard to get pictures of while they are flying - fortunately this one sat still for me long enough to get a non-blurry shot at maximum zoom.
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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Beaver Engineer

This dam appeared fresh and well constructed, however the area behind the dam did not have many trees standing in the water, so even if this dam is new, I doubt it is the first time this area has been backed up behind one. We didn't see any beaver's but I saw a red fox on Saturday and we did meet the mom of a Lakehead Hockey player.
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Hilton Falls on Vacation in a Scenic Backwater Area

I did some hiking this weekend. I can say that it did me a good bit of good to get out and move. I enjoy the wildflowers at Kelso and hanging out with an old friend at Hilton. However, I was shocked when I saw the falls - I've never seen them to a point where they were reduced to such a bare trickle. The mystery was solved when we found a freshly and tidily built Beaver Dam creating this large meadow. Now I know that there are historically beavers in the area (owing to the existance of a beaver pond trail there, but apparently this entire pond did not exist earlier in the season. It made for a pretty scene though. Yesterday I had a great day in the field, sucessfully completing some tasks that I've been wanting to do for a while. It worked out well, and now I cross my fingers that now glitches pop up in the future.

Have a good day.. get outside.. its good for your mind.

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Bricknell's Cransbill

I've rediscovered the myriad of trails that wend through Kelso conservation area. While a lookout facing over the 401 isn't the most charming spot I've ever found, the trails themselves are nice. The woods are open and airy - although numerous cyclist abound - some in places where they shouldn't be. The tangle of interconnected trails is also a bit on the variably marked side, but I mostly stuck to the Bruce Trail which kept me out of trouble. This has been another week of much backroads driving. The most amusing little town I came across is Brucedale - which rhymes with Sprucedale - which is really all I can remember about it to tell it apart from the myriad others I've seen. Eden Mills has some lovely old buildings and there is something lovely about Kilbride. I finally managed to find the intersection of Britannia and Cedar Springs Rd. Its a funny intersection and poorly marked, so I can see how I ended up in Burlington the last time I tried to do it.

Anywho, no backroads for me today...I'm learning about datum's and coordinate systems and projections in ArcGIS and hopefully completely the non computer aspects of a groundwater modelling assignment. Later though, I might head out to find an external drive or a stack of CDRs so I can unclutter my poor harddrive- currently the victem of 35 gigs of pictures :S



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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Stormy Waters at "The Jack Pine" site

Here is Grand Lake on a stormy April morning, the picture taken at the spot where Tom Thompson painted the sketch that would later be his famous Jack Pine picture.


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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Twisted Bellflower

My life is odd. My room feels empty...so I went for a hike early this morning to cheer myself up and catch the spring wild flowers before they were gone. Maybe pictures of trilliams and large bell flowers later I headed home being glad that I don't live so far from the woods that I can't visit.

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Reflections on Spring

I made myself take time and go for a hike today. I can't say that this is the most beautiful time of year, but still the shapes and colours of the woods are more relaxing than concrete no matter what the colour or surface treatment is. The photo depicts a vernal pool, likely created by a culvert with inadequate capacity to pass the rain, but it was pretty none the less. Surprisingly, there was little birdsong or frogsong although around my house there is ample samples to prove that the birds are up to no good this time of year - but they seem to prefer dawn to 6 pm. It was nice though. I only met 2 other hikers - so even though the trail was roadlike, it still was nice. I'll have to visit Mountsberg soon.

I'm looking forward to field season, I'm sure I'll be glad to be outside lots. I'm trying hard to get back in shape - hoping to get the bike out soon and yeah I'm in Ontario this year and won't have to wear a helmet. I know it is a safety thing, but I can never get the straps right and the are always either choking me or the helmet is sliding into my eyes.

Anywho, the pond reminded me of spring in Kash where the sound of frogs was deafening... at least the ones that Lola hadn't dug up and eaten during the winter.



Lanky trees reflect
In emphemeral pond - naked
Dancing a frog's song

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Monday, January 01, 2007

Hiking in Fundy

Here is Gabe and his sister after a 15 km hike in Fundy. I made it, although admittedly I've been in better shape. However, I've been working on my fitness over the holiday and hope to be ready for a busy outdoor summer including long hours of field work and some good hiking.

We are off to my grandparents for supper - the first time having all of us together for a long time. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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