Monday, November 23, 2009

Is that glacier getting smaller?

I don't have a current comparison photo...... but I don't even think I remember noticing this shot.... and everyone is smiling. I love my dorky family :D
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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Storm on the Horizon?

I'm supposed to be flying to a very cool meeting tomorrow, but unfortunately the weather does not look like it plans to cooperate. Cross your fingers and send your regards to the weather gods for me.

The photo was taken at Bow Lake in Banff national park. It looks so warm and summery.... I'll try and get more current pictures up soon. I'm going to somehow try to balance my life a bit better between work and everything else... this is a long term battle I'm sure.. but well worth winning in the long run.
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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

JASS in a Blizzard

My grave apologies from dropping off the face of the blogging world. I simply haven't taken many pictures lately and its hard to post without pictures. I'm quite convinced that there are fewer hours in the day and more things to do than last year and I'm feeling like I'm heaping more and more stuff on top of that and somehow, my blog has been the casualty.

There is lots on the go, but most of it would rate as terribly boring. My apartment looks like a bookshelf exploded around my desk - as stacks of science books are arranged in order of most recently perused to least - I should probably be tidying and doing dishes rather than blogging or exercising or making salad for supper/tomorrow's lunch or I should be writing more thesis or planning lessons... and now you understand why I've been neglecting my blog.... because there are just so many things to do.

My current challange to find a way to improve my boot up speed in the morning. I'm starting by placing socks and a warm sweater beside the bed so that getting out isn't so hard and I'm limiting computer use to checking my email and the weather. It seems to be working a bit - I'll just have to see how it goes. I'm not sure how I got everything done that I did last year and managed to get out the door an hour earlier... I washed the dishes and cooked a real breakfast nearly everyday - I suspect that I'm getting sucked into reading the news for longer than I think. Sigh.. no more news for me. The next 2-3 weeks are super busy - although I might be able to post a few from Iqaluit. I'm attending a workshop there on new program materials. I'm sure I'll be busy the whole time I'm there, but hopefully I'll be able to get a few pictures.

Beyond that there isn't much to say. I'm almost done the second yellow, red and orange sock and then I have a few projects to do. I think the first is going to be some little socks and mitts or maybe a little hat. I also need to knit myself mitts to replace the ones I lost last year on the way back from Repulse.

So... I guess that means I should get back to work... At some point I need to update the links on my blog to include Kennie and Darcy's new blogs. At some point.

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The Grade 11's Dr. Westman inspired Pumpkin

Inspired by some old photos of Dr. Westman's photos - I was pretty impressed with the patience and perserverance of some very dedicated carvers.
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Halloween Door Prize

Congratulations to the Gr. 11's for their winning Halloween Door :D
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