Friday, July 31, 2009

A few more shots

The have fireweed and rivers out west too!!!
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Mountains Rock!

I could feel the stress seeping from my soul as I drove west from Calgary. Truely there is little that can top driving a Toyota on uncrowded TLDH (two-lane divided highway) facing topography that would impress the Ontarian in me, never mind that I spent my last year in one of the more rugged parts of the Kivalliq (which was still pretty level even relative to the Escarpmenty part of the GTA where I grew up.)

So far, I've been lucky to manage to meet up with serveral friends I haven't seen in years and I even get to meet my 1.5 year old Nephew for the first time today and see my brother, his wife and his older son. I'm hoping to get rolling on some serious picture taking over the next few days. My homework for the summer is to email some good pictures of my summer to my boss.

Its really beautful and peaceful out here and I'm really thankful for Air Canada junk mail - as I don't think I would have considered coming out here if the airfare wasn't such an amazing deal. My return to the north and my awesome job are fast approaching and so I'm savouring my last trips to real produce sections and last bits of driving.
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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rusty Berries

I am still alive and I'm taking lots pictures, so hopefully the post frequency will increase now that I'm having a brief period of cramming as much outide time into my life as possible.
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Monday, July 20, 2009

Waiting For Godot

I posted this photo mostly out of appreciation of its "out-of-focus-blur." As a flower, beebalm isn't showy or stunning, but it certainly gets points for being interesting.

Its crazy to think that I'll be back up north with expensive ice-cream in just a few short weeks. Where on earth did the summer go? However, before I leave the land of roads and walmart's, I am detouring to visit the rocky mountains which will hopefully provide me with a few months of blog fodder - to keep you entertained.

In the short term, it has left me insanely busy, so I appologize in advance for my intermittant and uninspiring posts in the next few weeks. I promise to make up for it.


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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Look B., your momma is a Tuktu-head

Does this picture really need a caption.... babbies really make adults do funny things!
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Happy Birthday

Well, here is one of the 3 cutest kids in the world (and I'm shamelessly biased here) reaching for the dinosaurs on his cake. Happy Birthday from Aunt Jenn who lives not in an iglu, but just uphill from "The Iglu", a restaurant and hotel owned by the Coop in Baker Lake.

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Up-see-daisy and Echinacea

In the next few days, the garden is going to burst with Echinacea - but here is proof that sunlight matters, the center bed is a fair bit ahead of everything else.

I'm still plodding away at my thesis, but I started the day with an early morning swim and a nice mug of Tim's Coffee. I think that will make a good routine, although, earlier will help I think to get a good start on the morning. I need to ween myself back onto winter hours.

Tomorrow is going to be a fun family day. Its birthday's galore here.

And Sunday, its back to the grindstone.

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A little bit of purple to make the world go round

I still owe the garden several hours, but its amazing what a bit of weeding and mulch will do. These flowers are in a lovely Terra Greenhouse basket.
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Lily Beetle Invasion Continues

The "Rusted From the Rain" song playing in the background seems appropriate for the photo. I don't think I'm going to win this one.
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Flowering Ground Cover

Not sure what this is.. it actually was there when we bought the house. I'm not even sure I've ever noticed it flowering before... but its kind of cool.
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Sundown Echinacea

The lily beetles are breaking my heart (not to mention killing my lillies), but the echinacea is flowering. Here is one of my favourite varieties - Sundown Echinacea.
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The Ravages of the Lily Beetle Infestation

Here they are en-masse, destroying my Asian Lillies... sigh... The only thing that I've been told you can do is pick them off by hand and kill them, and I've been trying - but they just keep coming.
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There is blood on the lillies...

Here they are in their second year in the garden - the endearing "blood-spattered lillies."

I finally got my butt in the garden for a few hours to do a bit of planting, watering, feeding and weeding. I'm waiting for the day lillies to take off. For some reason the yellow ones flower a few weeks before all the other ones. I'm hoping the feeding will bring them on a bit faster. There is still a fair bit of work and I'm still losing the war with the asian lily beetles.... as you'll see in other photos.
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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Today's theme... what is bravery? Siberian tiger says "I feel bravest when its dark and I know I'm not afraid of all the noises I can hear, even if I can't see the noise makers." Jenn says "I feel bravest when I stand up for myself. Its easy to let people take advantage of you, its a lot harder to tell them that you won't put up with it, and then really not put up with it." Rock says "I feel bravest when I have a lot to lose, but I still roll the dice anyways. What does a rock have to lose though?" Grass says "I feel bravest when I let myself blow freely in the wind, even though I can hear the mower coming." Fence says "I feel bravest when I can feel the jaws of that massive tiger chomping on me, and I don't even wet myself. Although, I, ummm, don't have a bladder." Wind says "I feel bravest when I race across the open valley and blow fearlessly through the leaves of the trees in the autumn. I love making them flutter to the ground."

Hmm... Zhennith says... "Enough, mulling philosophy to avoid practicallity."
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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Zoooooo zooo zooo!

So one of my oldest dearest friends from University the first time..... and I went to the zoo today. Mostly we stuck to the African pavilion because I think she likes watching the primates... although people watching at the zoo is nearly as interesting as the animals...

I heard one girl call out in an excited voice - "look dad look up at the bird!" to which he replied in a somewhat bored and tired tone "that's nice sweetie". When she repeated the same exclamation to her mom.. the woman not only looked, but remarked in her own excited tone that it was a cool bird and then lifted her daughter up so she could see better... obviously.. if she is still going to the zoo when she is older, its going to be with mom, and dad may opt to stay home.

I personally think watching the kangaroos was probably the most interesting. It was nice to hang out with a fellow bio student as we discussed the anatomy of the kangaroos in an uninformed attempt to guess how its bones were arranged to allow for such speed and agility. Although, the giraffes amazed me with their agility and the Chimpanzees with the gymnastics and the gorillas with their contemplative gazes.

It was good to see lots of people there, although, the next time I go, I'll make sure to get their eariler so I can get a better parking space. We ended up in the overflow lot. It was nuts. The Tundra Trek is not opening until August. Hopefully, I'll be able to squeeze my second trip in August with B. and his family. Aunt Jenn has promised a trip to the zoo.... but it would be more fun to take him when I can show him the Tuktu, Amaruq, Tiriaq, Siksik and Nanuq that she might see where she lives up north, aparently in an iglu. I tried to explain that I live near the Iglu (a local restaurant in Baker Lake) rather than in the Iglu... but I'm sure B. will understand when he grows up...
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Good night sleepy little tree Kangaroo

okay... cute points for this guy... snoozing in a tree...
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Tuesday, July 07, 2009


I've never been a particular fan or non-fan of Michael Jackson. He sang music that I could appreciate, but it didn't really fall into what I tended to listen to... I never really could believe that he intended to hurt children, no matter what allegations were made, but then again I didn't read much of that news either. Even this week with news denominated by Jackson headlines, I didn't feel like I needed to know the details or hear about scandels. So, I'm not sure what made me cave and tune into the last 15 minutes of his public funeral. I think I'm glad I did... even if the sound of his daughters voice sharing her terrible pain and loss with the entire world haunts me forever. Some will say that it was wrong for her to be there - but I got the feeling she wanted very badly for the world to be reminded that he was human and that real people really loved him, just for himself, not his money, not his talents, but the stupid everyday kind of love that most of feel for parents, siblings, and friends.

Today seems to be a funeral kind of day. The weather outside is cool and gloomy. I learned this morning that a key DJ on a radio station that really defined music in my highschool years took his own life. Maybe its just the new mix CD that by some quirk of mood seems to be full of melancholy songs or my reading of the Star's curent series on women battling drug addiction isn't exactly uplifting. My eyes are kind of teary. I didn't know Michael Jackson or Martin Streek, but the susceptability of even people who seemed larger than life to simple death - the fragility of human life in general just seems to leave me feeling a touch vulnerable. I happened accross a picture of me and Andrew Desmond this morning, looking for something else, and maybe that has coloured my reactions. He drove me nuts sometimes, but I wish I could have the joy of his outrageous Deziness in person once more... death seems so unfairly final and you can only hope that they can hear you say all the things you wish you said in life across the barrier between life and death.

On an up note, I've actually gotten to the point where I'm really starting making progress on my modelling.

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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Tundra Spring

Obviously this picture wasn't taken too recently, I imagine Baker is a whole lot greener than the day before I left. I haven't been outside much lately owing to my terminal case of thesis writing - and my garden is mostly looking shaggy and neglected. I'm slowly making progress and I'm happy to report that my ear ache seems to be clearing up with just using ear drops, rather than having to see a doctor.

Its been a fairly quiet and unexciting weekend, but I'm not complaining. I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.. although it does look very far away. My horoscopes have been amusingly on target the last week, although no offer of adventure cropped up today and so... the most exciting thing I did was to walk the dog. I took a day off from aerobics to let my aching muscles rest, but I'm looking forward to my class tomorrow evening... and I might look for a new pair of glasses. I haven't really got an idea of what I'm looking for... I actually still like the ones I've been mostly wearing the last year. My bolder pair never quite worked for me - especially not after the incident with the window - so probably I'll go for something non-descript and durable :D. There are a few upsides to being little.. which is that I can buy children's glasses - and not only do they cost less generally, but they are built to withstand more abuse - which given the number of times my glasses landed up in the same parka pocket with my keys and assorted other junk is not a quality to be underrated.

Anywho... back to work...
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Friday, July 03, 2009

Brave Lily

This beautiful flower has been robbed of most of its leaves by lily beetles and slugs that had overrun them before I got home. I'm at a complete loss as to what to do... but hope.. that they survive and come back next summer.
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Mysteries (and weeds and lily beetles) abound in the garden

Well.. after months of anticipation I find myself mysteriously unengaged in my garden. I guess with a thesis to finish, I know that if I let go and invest some time in the garden...well I could easily spend all my time there. Its kind of weedy and it needs the beds edged, topped up and mulched. I need to fight some of my too sucessful plants. Arggh... Thesis.

I finally caught up with two old friends. One, I hope to see for coffee or maybe a bit of a Bruce Trail hike and the other has me booked to go paddling with her and her 2 sons and aside from dying to go anywhere there is a forest - I haven't managed to go hiking yet. Actually, I've spent a lot of time in this room. Maybe I should pack up a stack of thesis reading and take it to mount Nemo... it might just work.

I owe at least 2 more friends calls in the immediate future... make that 3... I really want to make it up to Ottawa to visit the good people there and I think I promised several folk in Guelph I'd visit and I'd love to make it to Thunder Bay, but I know that is wishful thinking. Why do I have so many friends. I guess I can't complain. I just don't know how to balance all this writing, all the day to day thinks I need/want to do with making up for years of putting off visiting.

Sigh.. somehow...

In the meantime, I did dash out to at least check on the garden and to kill as many lily beetles as I could. They are just breaking my heart. My asian lillies have been devestated. If anyone knows a good cure for lily beetles.. please share. There are some weird slugs on them too. On the up side, the powdery mildew isn't so bad, although that may be because a lot of my columbine didn't make it this year. The earwigs haven't been as much as problem this year. But I think I'll head up to the liquor store and get some cheap canned beer and see if I can't cut the slug population in an attempt to salvage the lillies. Meanwhile, my daylilies are set to start flowering. As for the flower in the picture.. I have no idea what it is... I'm guessing either some kind of campanula or hollyhock... I might have put some seeds down last year and I'm totally missing the nasturium.... I'll have to set some up for planting next spring.

Anywho.. back to work.. I'm still alive. I'm finding I'm missing Baker. It was nice when everything was in walking distance..
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